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Née au Canada et issue d'un héritage suédois, mon enfance a été remplie d'histoires et de traditions passionnantes du pays de ma mère. J'ai grandi avec différentes fêtes et vacances qui se sont mariées dans les coutumes occidentales. Pour Noël, j'ai célébré Yule pendant presque un mois entier, préparé des friandises suédoises traditionnelles et participé à quelques concerts de Santa Lucia; et j'ai aussi eu Noël et le Père Noël.

Quand j'ai grandi, j'ai épousé un Canadien d'origine allemande et, ensemble, nous avons eu notre fils né au Canada que nous souhaitons élever avec des traditions suédoises et allemandes.

Vivant au Canada, j'ai eu du mal à trouver des livres en anglais sur les contes avec lesquels nous avons grandi; et je voulais que mon fils sache

les origines des traditions canadiennes remontent aux régions d'origine de ses ancêtres.

J'ai décidé de prendre les choses en main et j'ai commencé à rechercher et à écrire mon premier livre pour enfants, Old Mother Frost - une histoire de Yuletide basée sur les contes d'une divinité qui aurait inspiré les histoires du Père Noël. Elle est plus âgée que la plus ancienne histoire de Noël; et son rôle est de s'assurer que les enfants sont heureux, en bonne santé et festifs pendant

la période la plus froide et la plus sombre de l'année (12 jours avant Noël).

Mon objectif est de sortir mon premier livre d'ici novembre 2020. Mon rêve est de (un jour) créer une série de 4 livres couvrant les origines nordiques-païennes de toutes les grandes fêtes!

Restez à l'écoute pour plus d'informations sur mes sorties de livres en me suivant sur

Facebook et Instagram: @PaganKids.

Merci pour votre aide!

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The Viking Age lifestyle, Norse Mythology, Scandinavian folklore, fairy tales and traditions

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Learn about the Pagan Kids brand, the mission, the author and the inspiration for it all.

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Free educational activities, from word puzzles, colouring pages, music sheets and more!

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Norse Pagan books for children based on Norse culture, celebrations, mythology and more.

Reviews of Old Mother Frost

This exquisitely illustrated book introduces young children to Old Mother Frost and some of the traditional activities families engage in during the holidays. It is a delightfully cozy book that begs to be read by a roaring fire with a hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows and cream! I would also be tempted to display it on a shelf alongside other Yuletide decorations; it just has a feel of the season. 

- Debi Gregory, Witch Path Forward

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"My son really likes it! Last night was our first night of seasonal books, and he was so excited to choose it for the first, but REALLY liked the facts at the end. He did a short video review for the family and wanted to read each tidbit to them. We're definitely excited to see more of your work!" - Tracey Ouellette

Child Reading Book.jpg

My copy of Old Mother Frost arrived in the mail today; it's beautiful in person! My four-year-old declared it, "Good! I've never seen a person in the sky before!" She noticed right away that Old Mother Frost's hair had changed when she came down to earth, and she loved double-checking all the pictures to see if the kids appeared to be happy, healthy and festive. It's a lovely addition to our holiday bookshelf. - Laura Bontje, Dec 10, 2020

UPDATE: I came downstairs to find my daughter trying to recite Old Mother Frost aloud to herself this morning; it was very cute. She was excited to hear that you're writing another book!"

Old Mother Frost.jpg

"Happy (almost) Christmas Eve! This book is 😍. I got it for Arianna as an early Christmas present, and I love it. It's perfect for anyone interested in the pagan holiday of Yule. It tells the story of a kind Norse goddess who brings joy to children every Yuletide season. I am super obsessed with this book. I hid it after we read it, so she didn't destroy it." - Michelle Cerone

Reviews of Who Is That in the Sky?

As a mother of three young ones, I really enjoyed reading “Who Is That in the Sky?” from start to finish, I was engaged with the solar cycles of a day/night period. It would really help toddlers understand timing of the sun and moon. The colour palette is gentle, with the added bonus of exploding, powerful Norse deities throughout the pages. Explaining when they arrive – giving us light with sun or dark with moon. The Nordic type font is perfectly placed with simple yet informative sentences, a must-read by a toasty fire. - Jenny Catalano, Celtic Nations Magazine

Who Is That in the Sky_ by Jennifer Hartman Pagan Kids

"This children's book is excellent. I totally recommend this. While it is not "Saxon centered" it doesn't need to be. I think the Gods/Goddesses were essentially the same, and the artwork in the book is amazing. WONDERFUL!" - Robert Sass, Aldsidu: Saxon Heathenry


"We were so excited to get our copy just in time for our little heathen's second birthday! It's so hard to find high quality books for kiddos, and this has been such a joy to add to the bedtime reading rotation! Little dude loves the horses and points to the cloud drawings and says, "Woooow!" Thank you so much for creating a great introduction to Norse mythology for littles like ours!" - Haley Howard (Winner of the advanced copy)

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